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Caregiver Turnover: Top Threat to Home Health Providers

Posted on Friday, June 3, 2016 2:50 PM

Caregiver turnover is now seen as a top threat to home health providers. In order to reduce turnover, the following areas need improvement:
• Where they hire
• Training hours and competitive pay

According to Home Care Pulse’s annual Private Duty Benchmarking Study, here are the following reasons why aides chose to work for a provider in 2015:
1. Good working environment and benefits
2. Working schedule met lifestyle
3. Company has a good reputation
4. Company was recommended to them
5. First job applied for

According to the study, understanding why aides choose to work for a provider can influence retention. Although pay was not listed as a top reason for aides to work for a provider, competitive pay remains an important factor for staff retention.

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