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CGS Provides Guidance to Avoid Duplication of CBR Submissions

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2017 10:52 AM

CGS has noticed that there’s an increase in providers submitting duplicate Credit Balance Reports (CBRs). At times, providers are submitting the CBR via fax multiple times using various methods of submission. Duplication of CBR submissions is a problem for CGS staff and resources.

The following guidelines should be shared with staff who submits your CBR:
• Wait 48 hours to contact a customer service representative to confirm if you’ve faxed your credit balance report
• If you’ve already submitted the CBR and need to make changes, you must specify that the report is being submitted again with changes
• Do not submit the CBR using more than one submission method
• Designate an internal process that manages CBR submissions between offices and assign a single contact person for your facility
• Make sure that you submit the CBR to the correct Medicare Administrative Contractor address

When submitting your CBR, CGS recommends using the website portal, myCGS. myCGS sends you a confirmation of receipt and eliminates the inclination to resubmit a duplicate report.

For additional information on submitting your CBR via myCGS, use the following resources:
Making it Easy to Submit your Credit Balance (CMS-838) Report! myCGS User Guide, “Chapter 7: Forms Tab”
myCGS User Guide, “Chapter 7: Forms Tab”

To learn more about myCGS and the different features available to myCGS users, look at the Home Health and Hospice myCGS Web page or the Part A myCGS Web page.

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