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CMS Announces an Extension to the Previous Medicaid Re-Enrollment Deadline

Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 10:36 AM

CMS announced the previous March 24, 2016 cutoff date for Medicaid provider re-enrollment has been extended to September 25, 2016. The extension guarantees additional time for providers to comply with PPACA requirements. To avoid potential payment disruptions, providers are encouraged to begin the re-enrollment application process immediately. TMHP released a "Quick Tips to Avoid Common Provider Enrollment Deficiencies." Please see the following tips below:

  • Note the term Principal is defined as any person or entity who manages employees
  • Complete the PIF-2 in full for all persons or entities to avoid re-enrollment denial
  • Prepare for an appeal if the PIF-2 is not completed in full for each individual or entity
  • Plan for the re-enrollment completion to take up to six months
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