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Home Health Agencies Team Up with Other Providers to Connect the Health Care System

Posted on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 7:18 PM

The state of Vermont has taken on a new technology program that allows real-time communication for patients as they take on different care settings. Vermont has partnered with PatientPing and Vermont Information Technology Leaders (VITL) to enable a state-wide adoption of a program. The program has the ability to connect providers universally across an entire state.

“If you’re a home health agency nurse and your patient gets admitted to the hospital or shows up at the emergency room or transitions to a skilled nursing facility, we will notify them about that in real time,” PatientPing Founder and CEO Jay Desai told Home Health Care News. “The nurse can work with that provider and ensure the patient gets the best possible care.”

The three-way partnership between Vermont, PatientPing and VITL enable public and private lines to leverage information that is already available.

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