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ICD-10 Claim Submission Alternatives

Posted on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 11:29 AM

CMS has issued a MLN Matters® article for providers claim submission alternatives related to ICD-10 system problems. Providers that are having difficulty completing the necessary systems changes or are having issues with billing software, vendor(s), or clearinghouse(s), may use the following alternatives:
  • Free billing software;
  • Provider internet portals;
  • Direct Data Entry (DDE); and
  • Paper claims.
The article provides details on how providers can use each alternative method for claim submission. If your organization is having difficulties related to ICD-10 claims submission, please contact us today! Remember, Corridor can do it all! Corridor offers all the ICD-10 solutions your organization needs to be ready! Click here to see the article. Click here to read more. Go Back