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New Home Care Agency Views ‘Warp Speed’ Challenges as Opportunities

Posted on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 1:45 PM

Care Assist has been labeled as a new player on the home care field. They specialize in stroke and dementia care in the New Jersey area. Stephen Lowy, the Founder and CEO at Care Assist, explained why his business will change the face of health care.

“The health care continuum is constantly changing with technology and regulations,” according to Lowy. “Everything is affecting all levels of care. It’s disruptive diversification, as I call it. The advances that are going on, it’s going at warp speed.” However, these changes are not a challenge to Lowy. He views the current shifts as opportunities.

“There’s a real opportunity here,” he said. “The space is very disruptive right now. To me, that makes it a perfect time to come in, because we can show people how to do it the right way and be a model.”

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