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Plans for NAHC 2.0

Posted on Thursday, October 26, 2017 10:52 AM

During the last general session at the NAHC annual meeting, Bill Dombi spoke about NAHC 2.0 and the items which will be reviewed and evaluated.

It will include:

  • Mission
  • Membership
  • Structure
  • Governance
  • Relationships with other associations
  • Services
  • Priorities

25 people will make up the planning team, which will include members and non-members.

This team will consist of:

  • NAHC Board representation (5)
  • NAHC staff (3)
  • State Association (2)
  • Provider sectors (10)
  • Industry support sectors (3)
  • Non-home care health care sectors (2)

There will be an open nominating process to assemble the planning team. Click here to read more about NAHC 2.0 on the NAHC Report.

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