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Predictions for the Top Healthcare Trends of 2016

Posted on Friday, December 11, 2015 7:59 PM

The PwC has predicted the following 10 forces that will have the most impact in 2016.  In it's annual Top health industry issues report that was released this week, there are many firsts expected in the upcoming new year for the healthcare industry including, bedless hospitals, mega hospitals, and insurer mergers. There are innovative tools and services that will enter the New Health Economy. The reports highlights the following 10 forces that are expected to have the most impact:
  1. Merger mania
  2. Escalating drug prices
  3. Biosimilar drugs
  4. Cybersecurity concerns
  5. Technology gives more power to consumers
  6. Behavioral healthcare moves to the forefront
  7. Care moves to community settings
  8. Consumers become "money managers"
  9. High-tech databases
  10. Cost of care
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