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Preparing Agencies for CoPs That Involve Care Planning & Coordination of Services

Posted on Friday, October 14, 2016 7:54 PM

Now is the time to adjust your agency’s processes for care delivery, in order to prepare for the proposed Home Health Conditions of Participation (COPs). The new changes include a psychological assessment that provides community support options.

It is important for agencies to establish support networks in preparation for this new rule. Additionally, agencies need to begin the education process for clinicians to learn about psychological assessments.

The proposed CoPs include the following requirement changes:
• Care planning
• Coordination of services
• Quality of care

If agencies do not fulfill these changes, it will result in deficiencies during surveys. The proposed CoPs are expected to be finalized in the coming months.

The CoPs combine two prior sections, 484.18 “Acceptance of patients, plan of care and medical supervision” and 484.14(g) “Coordination of patient services” into a new section: “Care planning, Coordination of Services and Quality of Care.”

The following major care planning updates include:
• Conduct psychosocial assessments
• Conduct an emergency room and hospital readmissions risk assessment
• Include patient-specific, measurable outcomes in the plan of care
• Inform people about changes to the plan of care, including the plan for discharge
• Ensure coordination of care between all disciplines, caregivers and physicians has occurred

The main takeaway from the proposed CoPs is to ensure that agencies coordination is completed.

For the full article, please see the October 17, 2016 Home Health Line Edition.

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