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Senate Passed to Increase the Debt Ceiling and Raise Caps on Domestic and Defense Spending

Posted on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 4:49 PM

The U. S. Senate passed a measure to increase the debt ceiling through mid-March 2017 and raise caps on domestic and defense spending on Monday, Nov. 2, 2015, and this was signed by President Obama.  This measure will prevent the risk of a government shutdown, and serves as a framework for Congress to pass spending  legislation in the weeks to come.  The deadline for Congress to pass this $18 trillion legislation is December 11, 2015.   It was passed by a vote of 266-167.  John Boehner (R-OH) was instrumental in ushering this through Congress as one of his last acts  before stepping down as the Republican Speaker of the House.  President Obama stated that, “Democrats and Republicans came together to set up a responsible, long-term budget process, and what we now see is a budget that reflects our values, that grows our economy, creates jobs, keeps America safe.”   For more information, click here.   Go Back