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Update on Affordable Care Act Funding

Posted on Friday, October 13, 2017 12:42 PM

Yesterday, not only did President Trump write an Executive Order allowing insurance to be sold across state lines, late Thursday evening the White House communicated what some call a death knell to the ACA. The White House is now saying that President Trump will end key Obamacare financial subsidies to Insurers. The President has been threatening to do this for months to bring both parties to the table to talk about a full replacement for the ACA. Upon hearing the news, the CBO has indicated that the most likely outcome is that premiums will rise for those areas that have been subsidized and those with medically complex situations. For businesses and those that are younger and healthier, it is expected that they will gravitate towards new low cost associations and insurers.

To learn more, read the original NBC article by clicking here.

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