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When an Interim Executive Works Best

Posted on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 2:22 PM

When executive leaders leave unexpectedly, interim executives provide much-needed support. As an organization, it is important to take a different perspective on how to move forward. The relationship is the most crucial aspect to look at when necessary changes need to be made within an organization. The key factor is preparing talents for regular long-term leadership. It is important that the interim does not have a full-time position, so he or she is dedicated to help the organization. Guidelines for Selecting an Interim Executive

  • Interview references
  • Ask probing questions about his or her work style
  • Determine cultural fit
  • Consider personal characteristics
  • Explore experience and knowledge
  • Clarify logistics
  • Clarify the terms (purpose, duration, fees and prohibitions)
  • Execute the contract

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