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Are you prepared for the RACs?

Posted: 07.10.13 | Category: Corridor Solutions

Ensure that your organization is taking the proper steps to implement routine reviews and stay in compliance. Use TCG Compliance Solutions for ongoing audit assistance, continuous improvement and ongoing education.


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Evaluate Your Rehospitalization and Care Transitions Know-How

Posted: 01.23.13 | Category: Corridor Solutions

Since October 1, 2012, the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP) that penalizes hospitals with high readmission rates for certain conditions within 30 days of discharge has been in effect. For the first two years, acute myocardial infarction, pneumonia and heart failure will be the only applicable conditions on which readmission rates will be calculated. Beginning in 2015, however, CMS will add additional conditions or procedures it believes represent high costs and high volumes of readmission.

As post-acute providers, you have a vital role in ensuring appropriate care transitions to and from acute care settings.

Track and Measure Key Metrics.

  • Use key metrics to show your acute care partners that your organization is at or above industry standards, such as: Patient outcomes related to hospital admissions and ED visits, and HH-CAHPS scores.
  • Establish other measures and value points that demonstrate your success as a solution partner.

Establish and Monitor Your Care Transition Best Practice Model.

  • Promote specialty programs that show evidence of success in reducing unnecessary re-hospitalizations and improving coordination across care settings.
  • If your organization does not have such programs, identify what programs would be of most value to your local health system; collaborate with teams from the hospital, nursing homes and physicians to develop and implement a transitions of care program to assist the health system reduce re-hospitalizations.
  • Prepare to cover the cost of non-reimbursable services.

Reserve a Seat at the Table.

  • Ensure your team has the knowledge and resources to ‘sit at the table’ with an ACO or health system.
  • Ask to have a seat at the table and be prepared to demonstrate why your organization should be part of their solution.


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How To Create Attainable Financial Goals

Posted: 01.10.13 | Category: Corridor Solutions

Every organization has financial goals in mind. Creating the goals may be simple, but achieving them requires innovative strategies and focused efforts. TCG Consulting can help your organization begin reaching specific financial goals.

We will help you with:

  • A comprehensive assessment of financial accountability
  • Financial management and restructuring
  • Financial modeling, projections and impact analysis
  • Cost/reimbursement analysis
  • Case mix, service utilization and profitability patterns
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Due diligence

To learn the details of everything we have to offer, call or email us: or (866) 263-3795.

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TCG Knows Operational Performance

Posted: 01.04.13 | Category: Corridor Solutions

Operational performance success begins with creating operational goals. In order for an organization to ensure positive outcomes, optimize revenue and take advantage of emerging opportunities, a strategy must be in place.

TCG Consulting can help your organization put strategies into place and create goals that turn into results.

Operational Performance Services:

  • Staffing and Productivity Analysis
  • Referral Management
  • Service Delivery Models

And this is just the beginning! To get started today, call or email us: or (866) 263-3795.

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Meeting Regulatory Compliance?

Posted: 12.29.12 | Category: Corridor Solutions

At TCG, we know the importance of meeting regulatory compliance on both state and federal levels for those who operate in the home care and hospice industry. Failing to do so can result in a negative reputation or worse. Let TCG Consulting keep your organization on track with our Regulatory Compliance Services.

We specialize in more than 20 areas such as:

  • Medicare Mock Surveys
  • Hospice QAPI
  • ADRs and Appeals
  • Clinical and Billing Record Reviews

For a full list of services and for more information call or email us: or (866) 263-3795.

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