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GAO: 12 Million Seniors Not Receiving Needed Home-Based Care

Posted: 06.17.15 | Category: Corridor Solutions

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that an estimated 75 percent of seniors who likely need home-based care are not receiving it.  The GAO analyzed the most recent data available from two national surveys: the 2013 Current Population Survey (CPS) and the 2012 Health and Retirement Study (HRS). It then analyzed the 2012 HRS data on the number of respondents age 60 and older who reported having difficulty with one or more daily activities and whether they received help.

Approximately 27 percent or 16 million older adults across all income levels reported difficulties with one or more daily activities, indicating that they may need home-based care. Moreover, two thirds or more of the respondents either receive no help, or receive help with some of their difficulties. Between 67 and 78 percent do not receive help with all identified difficulties.

The GAO report provides support for the reauthorization and expansion of the Older Americans Act. Supporters of the Older Americans Act say the demand for these programs is great and needed in many areas of the country where vulnerable seniors are on waiting lists for services they desperately need.

Click here to read the GAO report.

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CMS Issues Major Medicaid Managed Care Proposed Rule

Posted: 06.16.15 | Category: Corridor Solutions

CMS has issued a major proposed rule that focuses on Medicaid managed care related to minimum operation standards, care delivery, quality of care, and more on June 1, 2015. More and more states are moving their Medicaid programs into one form or another of managed care, making the proposed rule one of the most important issued by CMS in years. Additionally, the proposal addresses Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services and Supports (MLTSS), making it of interest to the home care community.

NAHC advocates for the institution of federal standards to govern states shifting from a traditional fee-for-service (FFS) approach in Medicaid to a managed care delivery model. The need for such standards has increased since managed care plans have limited experience in providing the type of service that are the mainstay of MLTSS, including personal care.

Click here to see the proposed rule.

Click here to see a detailed analysis of the rule from NAHC.

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NAHC Adds ICD-10 Resource Page To Its Website

Posted: 02.25.15 | Category: TCG Solutions

NAHC has added an ICD-10 Resource Page to its website to help home care and hospice agencies transition to the new coding system, and to provide up-to-date information on the ICD-10 update. NAHC and the home health and hospice vendor community have a shared goal in assuring that agencies are adequately preparing for the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 diagnosis coding. The page includes education and guidance materials along with tools to assist NAHC’s members in attaining that goal.

Click here to see it.

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