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CMS Announced the Approval for Home Health Prior Authorization Requirement

Posted: 02.11.16 | Category: Corridor Solutions

CMS announced the approval for a Medicare Probable Fraud Measurement Pilot in five states. Under the program, home health agencies are required to perform prior authorization before processing claims for services. The procedure is comparable to the PMD, which CMS implemented in 2012 and requires prior authorization for scooters and power wheelchairs whiten seven states with high population of fraud-and error-prone providers. The program ensures that payments for home health services are appropriate before the claims are paid, eventually leading to prevention of fraud, waste and abuse.

The Medicare Probable Fraud Measurement Pilot is in the beginning stages, however an open public comment period will run until April 5, 2016.

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Corridor and CAHSAH Team Up for MCPs in March

Posted: 02.09.16 | Category: Corridor Solutions

Corridor partners with CAHSAH to deliver Manager Certificate Programs for your organization! Hospice and Home Health MCPs are an interactive and educational program, providing fundamental management skills for home care managers. Corridor has developed comprehensive three-day training programs to position your organization for success.

The MCPs will take place March 29-31 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV.

This program will allow the participant to:

  • Learn the basics of budgeting, marketing, financial management, the PPS system, compliance, regulatory and human resources
  • Improve leadership and organizational management skills
  • Understand regulatory processes for all home care agencies
  • Learn the secret mechanisms to market your agency

Be sure to check out Corridor’s Manager Quick Reference Guides for basic, up-to-date regulatory information regarding Home Health and Hospice organizations to Home Health and Hospice managers and supervisors.

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CMS Announces a Demonstration on the Medicare Prior Authorization Proposed for Home Health Services

Posted: 02.09.16 | Category: Corridor Solutions

CMS announced a demonstration program on Medicare home health prior authorization for Florida, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, and Massachusetts. The states are under the HHS/DOJ fraud program called H.E.A.T., except for Massachusetts. NAHC plans to reject the program because they believe the antifraud enforcement efforts are already targeted. The prior authorization program is expected to increase administrative costs with little or no return.

The proposal is up for public discussion until April 5, 2016. Everyone is encouraged to put forth their comments, including those outside the targeted states.

For the full article, click here.

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CMS Reinforces Prohibition on “Homebound” in Medicaid

Posted: 02.08.16 | Category: Corridor Solutions

CMS announced a final rule regarding the homebound prohibition for Medicaid home health services, and clarifying the settings where homebound services may be provided. The ruling revises Medicaid home health regulation with the following information:

  • A Medicaid beneficiary does not need to be “homebound” in order to receive home health services
  • Home health services may be provided in any setting where normal life activities take place, and are not limited to a hospital, nursing facility or other institution

Aging and disability advocates supported the final regulation’s codification of agency policy, which comes after over a decade of advocacy for more community-based options for long-term services and supports.

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Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act Provides Cosponsor Update

Posted: 01.17.16 | Category: Corridor Solutions

The Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act allowed NPPs to certify Medicare home health services with a total of 173 bipartisan cosponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as 43 bipartisan cosponsors in the U.S. Senate. As of January 6, four members of The U.S. House of Representatives joined as cosponsors of the legislation.

NAHC requests that your members are contacted to support the bill. The focus is geared towards increasing the number of cosponsors in the Senate, as well as additional cosponsors in the House. If your members have not cosponsored the bill, please use NAHC’s Legislative Action Center to do so.

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