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CHAP Announces New Leadership For Its Board Of Directors

Posted: 02.11.15 | Category: Corridor Solutions

During a recent meeting, the CHAP Board of Directors (Board) voted on a number of leadership transitions that took effect earlier this month.

CHAP’s Board of Directors includes volunteer industry leaders representing community-based health care providers, consumers and the payer community:

  • Elizabeth “Liz” Buff has previously served as board chair and is now immediate past chair. Most recently, she was senior vice president of quality management and clinical excellence at the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.
  • Kathleen “Kathy” Dodd is now board chair after serving as chair elect. Kathy is the chair emeritus at The Corridor Group, Inc.
  • Peggy Pettit is now chair elect. Peggy is the executive vice president at VITAS Healthcare Corporation.
  • David Matayas has replaced Kevin McQueen as treasurer. David is a member at the law firm Epstein Becker Green.
  • Warren Hebert will remain in his role as board secretary. Warren is the CEO of the HomeCare Association of Louisiana.

The Board has also welcomed Patricia T. Driscoll, BSN, MSN, JD and Maureen Spivack as new members at its November meeting.

Click here to read more.

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Leadership: An Evolving Definition

Posted: 05.31.13 | Category: Corridor Solutions

At TCG Talent Solutions, we know the importance of leadership. We also know that leadership practices and roles must change with the ever-evolving times. This means taking a step back to see how the workplace has changed and reevaluating how this affects leadership roles. In an interesting article, Forbes sheds light on three new leadership “rules.”

“Understand and master the borderless future world of work.”
It is important to change with technology. Embrace new technology and social media in order to better the relationship between your organization and its stakeholders.

“Talent is priceless.”
Like we discussed in previous postings, don’t “cage” innovation (link to earlier post: Is Your Organization Suffering from Leadership Dysfunction?). It is increasingly important to embrace creative talent and job flexibility. Otherwise, you will lose talented employees to competitors.

“Embrace emerging markets.”
The article tells us that it’s important to keep an open mind and relationship with other world markets like India, China and Brazil. Understand the economies and engage them.

Click HERE to learn more and read the full article, The New Rules of Leadership.

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Do You Need to Refine Your Management & Leadership Skills?

Posted: 12.21.12 | Category: Corridor Solutions

TCG CHEX eLearning offers a selection of courses for management and leadership skills. Whether looking to better understand employee behavior, diagnose performance problems or define roles and responsibilities, there’s an eLearning course for you!

Take a look at our management & leadership skills courses:

  • Ethics for Managers – understand employee behavior and learn how to make positive impacts
  • Hiring Stars with Great Attitudes – learn exactly what to look for during the hiring process
  • Mentoring – create a successful mentoring program using our step-by-step process
  • Precepting (1.7 CE) – get to know the roles, key skills and characteristics of an effective preceptor
  • Supervision – know how to diagnose performance problems and increase productivity

Remember: You’ll receive a special coffee treat when you schedule and complete a free TCG CHEX eLearning demo by 1/31/13!


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TCG is Proud of Kathy and Jeannee – NAHC Hall of Fame Inductees!

Posted: 10.18.12 | Category: Corridor Solutions

TCG is proud to announce that Kathy Dodd, Founder and Chief Executive Officer and Jeannee Parker Martin, President and Co-Owner, will be honored as the 2012 Home Care & Hospice Hall of Fame Inductees. Kathy and Jeannee will be recognized during the upcoming National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) 2012 Annual Meeting.  Every year, NAHC has the pleasure of honoring those who have dedicated their life to the care and service of others. The Home Care & Hospice Hall of Fame was started in 2011 and the inductees are honored at the Association’s largest meeting of the year.

2012 Home Care & Hospice Hall of Fame inductees are: Mary Labyak, Clearwater, FL Ruth Castellano, Chesterfield, MO Mark Baiada, Moorestown, NJ Honorable Dirk Kempthorne, Washington, DC Katheen Dodd, Overland Park, KS Jeannee Parker Martin, San Francisco, CA Honorable Tarky Lombardi, Syracuse, NY Rod Windley, Atlanta, GA Congratulations to Kathy and Jeannee. Thank you for your leadership.

The entire TCG team is so proud! Read more here.

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What different leadership skills do young leaders bring to the table?

Posted: 09.14.12 | Category: Corridor Solutions

In today’s workplace CEOs and managerial ranks are being filled with younger leaders.  This trend is progressing and it begs the question, “”what different leadership skills do young leaders bring to the table and how might current leadership best develop their skills?””  According to an article from Chief Learning Officer, “”Younger leaders seem more able to switch gears and let go of old routines or good ideas that didn’t work out.  Teaching these leadership traits burdens the chief learning officer (CLO) with the responsibility of understanding what kinds of learning programs will best align with the demands of a younger workforce.  Heavy doses of experiential learning are best for younger leaders – not classroom instruction”” according to David DeLong, author of The Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management:  Powerful Tools for Leveraging a Changing Workforce.””   Read more of this article at:

This article communicates that young people don’t benefit from being lectured.  Young leaders need a strong framework for development.  They succeed by learning from new experiences and being engaged in real-time critical thinking activities.  Young leaders are likely to embrace an environment that intertwines social learning and the use of technology.

TCG eLearning is an interactive and engaging learning program that recognizes everyone has a different learning style.  We recognize this difference by offering over 130 courses in a variety of media, including audio, interactive and video.  Don’t burden yourself with the responsibility of discovering what kinds of learning programs are the best fit for your leadership and management training!  Sign up for a free TCG CHEX eLearning demo and/or Contact us to learn how TCG CHEX eLearning can meet your needs!  Contact us here.

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