TCG’s Sue Squibb and Jen Aitken had the opportunity to attend NAHC’s March on Washington/Private Duty Home Care Integrated Conference & Exposition. While at the conference the two had the opportunity to meet with congressmen, listen to experts and take away valuable information about the healthcare industry.

Below are some key takeaways from the 2013 conference:

Home Care and Hospice Program Integrity

Red flags for fraud and abuse include rapid or uncharacteristic growth, geographic location, high dollar claims per beneficiary (BOLD)

5 Top Hospice Survey Deficiencies

  1. Adherence to Plan of Care (POC)
  2. Content of POC
  3. Nursing services not provided as needed
  4. Aide supervision
  5. IDG notes don’t reference POC

HIPAA Compliance in 2013

HITECH will become effective Sept 23, 2013. There is an additional year to update existing Business Associate Agreements.

NAHC Home Health Policy Roundup

In 2013, regulatory changes are expected to take place including F2F changes, therapy assessments, alternative COP violation sanctions and case mix DX.