Recently, Bersin & Associates completed a yearlong research effort focused around nearly 500 high-impact learning organizations. The results showed that many of the successful organizations focused on and excelled in specific areas.

The article highlights the following areas:

  • Capability focused – at TCG CHEX eLearning, we know our audiences.
  • Content focused – we pride ourselves on providing educational, expert information, from our blog to our course materials.
  • Performance consultants – our team stays ahead of the game, troubleshooting for potential issues. Our service representatives are available at no extra charge to solve any problem.
  • Aware of the need – we understand the importance of having a great eLearning partner in the ever-changing home care & hospice industry.
  • Well aligned with top leaders – we have created strategic partnerships  to offer innovative and creative solutions for our clients.

Is your eLearning partner prepared to continue meeting your organization’s educational needs?  Take a quick tour and see what TCG CHEX eLearning has to offer. Schedule and complete a free TCG CHEX eLearning demo by 1/31/13 and you’ll receive a special coffee treat!