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AARP Summit Explores Need for Programs to Support Caregivers

Posted on Monday, September 23, 2019 10:59 AM

Earlier this month, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) hosted a summit where the main topic was the importance of caregivers and how society needs to do a better job supporting them. 

The Caregivers as Employees panel discussed how employers and businesses can help assist people in caregiving, while allowing them to still be fully functioning and productive employees.  The Consumer panel discussed how technology and medical product companies are developing advances to make caregiving and communications easier for their consumers.

Caregiving is a constant that occurs everywhere in the country, but most of it is not reflected in the news, except in times of extreme crisis. Millions of people are caring for a loved one, in addition to working full-time. Others are giving up full-time positions to spend more time caring for another person, leading to financial burdens and stress to families.

“It was a thought-provoking afternoon, a lot of ideas and initiatives to enhance the robust web site and resources that AARP has developed for the public,” says NAHC Executive Vice President Andrea Devoti. “It was very refreshing and enlightening to see how many industries, states, and our legislators are implementing product lines, introducing laws and effecting the change necessary to support the millions of care givers across this country. As a professional caregiver for over 40 years, and a personal care giver for a family member, I am uplifted by this recognition of the efforts taken by our citizens. I strongly encourage everyone to go to www.aarp.org/caregivingpartners to see the resources there to help family caregivers.”

Click here to watch the Summit on YouTube.

Source: NAHC

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