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Cost Report Submission Reminders & Updates for Home Health and Hospice Providers

Posted on Sunday, March 24, 2019 7:36 PM

While most home health and hospices use a calendar year fiscal year, they are required by Medicare to submit their cost reports by May 31st of each year.  Here are some reminders of changes that may affect the cost reporting process.

Last year, CMS launched the Medicare Cost Report e-Filing (MCReF) system whereby Part A providers may electronically file their entire annual cost report package. Use of the MCReF portal was optional last year but is required in 2019 for all electronically-submitted cost report. 

Last April, CMS announced additional modifications to the cost report for freestanding hospice organizations, as well as Level I edits that are applicable for cost reports with years ending on or after June 1, 2018. The Level I edits demand greater accuracy; unless a hospice’s cost report successfully passes these Level I edits, it will not be accepted for processing.

Recent changes to Part 2 of the CMS Provider Reimbursement Manual specify that both HHA (Chapter 17 at 3203.1) and hospice (Chapter 38 at 4306.2) cost reports must be signed by one of two possible personnel – either the Chief Financial Officer or the Administrator. 

Your cost report must be filed on time, if there is any type of problem with it that cannot be addressed timely, the MAC may withhold your Medicare payments.  In order to ensure that problems are addressed timely, your MAC MUST HAVE up-to-date information on the most appropriate contact person for Audit and Reimbursement issues

Source: NAHC Report

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