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How Corridor Can Help with Your PDGM Coding and Documentation Needs Pre and Post Transition

Posted on Monday, May 13, 2019 1:44 PM

By now, you should be preparing for the PDGM transition. There’s a lot to get done and Corridor is here to help you before and after the ‘Go-Live’ date.

One of the measures of success in partnering with our Coding Services clients is to minimize RTP (return to provider claims) for Medicare related to PDGM non-acceptable codes. We will be managing this at the beginning of the patient admission process, so clients won’t have to manage RTP claims later in the episode of care.

Here’s a few key preparations and how Corridor can help you tackle PDGM:


  • Organizations need to evaluate the specificity of the data that referral sources are providing them. Corridor will help organizations drill into data to ensure they are analyzing properly and implementing the right action plans.  
  • It’s crucial for clinicians to be educated on what to look for and documenting effectively to support both coding and OASIS scoring. To ensure success during the transition, we will be providing this service at no cost to our outsourcing coding clients in September.
  • While we do not recommend changing coding practices now, we do recommend prepping for what codes will and will not be acceptable under PDGM; paying close attention to missed opportunities to query the referral source for more specific diagnoses.


  • In June, Corridor will provide clients with the top unacceptable primary codes under PDGM. We’ll include recommendations on additional information and queries needed in identifying the acceptable primary diagnosis.
  • In September, we will provide the top primary codes under PDGM by client and include recommendations on additional information and queries needed in identifying the acceptable primary diagnoses.


  • Corridor’s Outsource Coding Services will be providing the following technology/reporting tools related to PDGM:

   -Multiple coding logic alerts into our coding process. This will include   unacceptable diagnose alerts for PDGM episodes to decrease the possibility of RTP claims. This will allow for the agency to do interventions with the referral     source/physician to determine an acceptable diagnosis.

 - Ongoing reports and SME insight on trending data of specific ongoing coding and OASIS issues.

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Written by: Nick Dobrzelecki, Corridor's Senior Vice President of Coding Services and Sue Payne, Corridor's Vice President & Chief Clinical Officer

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