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New Uber Health Service Aims to Cut Down on Missed Appointments

Posted on Friday, March 2, 2018 2:36 PM

San Francisco-based Uber, a global ride-sharing company, has launched Uber Health, a service that enables health care providers to hail on-demand and scheduled rides for patients. Home care companies are already on board to test out the service.

Passengers do not need the Uber app or even a smartphone to use the service. Once a ride is booked the passenger is contacted by text or call with their trip details at the time the ride is booked and once again when a driver is on the way to pick them up.

Uber’s mission in the new service line is to help cut down on missed appointments, which can take a major toll on the health care system, with a total estimated impact of $150 billion.

“Transportation is a barrier to health care,” Chris Weber, general manager for Uber, told Home Health Care News. “It seemed like a ripe opportunity for us to take on. Missed appointments can trigger a chain reaction that can end in increased emergency department visits, hospital readmission rates and higher costs distributed across the industry.”

The service engages with Uber’s 750,000 active U.S. drivers, who can be dispatched through Uber Health’s dashboard online, designed to be used by health care personnel.

According to Uber their dashboard was also designed to meet healthcare privacy and security standards.

Source: Home Health Care News

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