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Palliative Nursing Summit Advances Agenda in Priority Areas of Pain, Advance Care Planning

Posted on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 8:24 PM

Last year, workers in the palliative nursing field, joined forces to develop a collaborative plan to advance a shared agenda of communication and advanced care planning, pain and symptom management and coordination of care.  The Palliative Nursing Summit Steering Committee has since identified two areas for immediate action by summit members: Pain and Symptom Management and Advance Care Planning.

Here is an update on their work:

Pain and Symptom Management

Since creation of the project team in March, the Pain and Symptom Management Team has undertaken the following activities:

  • Held a free webinar on May 22 on “Every Nurse’s Role in Safe and Effective Opioid Pain Management”
  • Divided into four work groups, including:
    • Clinical Practice, which plans to write a manuscript on appropriate equianalgesic conversions. The work group is also interested in evaluating pain assessment needs related to nonverbal patients.
    • Education, which is focusing on assisting nurses with pain assessment and asking appropriate questions to address fears and concerns of patients and families about pain medications. Another webinar is planned for November that will showcase video clips of nurses asking these assessment questions and responding to patients/family members.
    • Research, which is focusing on evidence-based practice for bedside nurses working with patients with serious illness. Another manuscript focused on care of the patient with comorbid substance use disorder and serious illness will also be written.
    • Regulatory/Advocacy, which has authored a letter to Congress on the opioid issue.

Advance Care Planning

Team initiatives include:

  • Create ACP Campaign for Nurses
  • Developing a Standardized ACP Education Program for Nurses
  • Publish an Article on the Business Case for Nurses Related to ACP”

Source: NAHC Report

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