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Top Ways to Reduce Turnover for Home Health Aides

Posted on Friday, June 3, 2016 3:28 PM

Home health and hospice providers are facing constant employee turnover, resulting in a major and growing threat to these agencies. It’s important that providers learn to handle the issue before it impacts their organization.

According to a new study published in The Gerontologist., researchers from the LeadingAge Center for Applied Research in Washington D.C., analyzed data from the National Home and Hospice Care Survey in 2007. The survey included the following:
• Over 1,000 Medicaid- or Medicare-certified home health and hospice agencies
• More than 3,300 aides working for those agencies

The survey participants answered questions in regards to the following:
• Job satisfaction
• Compensation
• Intention to leave their job
• Job stressors and demands

The results concluded the following:
• About 25% of participants were very likely to leave their job in the next year or were currently searching for a different job
• More than 80% of respondents revealed they were assigned to the same patients every week
• 13% said they had experienced an injury on the job within the past year, Reuters reported

According to the survey results, a worker was more inclined to stay at his or her job if the following things were taken into consideration:
• Health insurance was provided
• The feeling of being valued by their organization
• A consistent patient assignment

Meanwhile, being paid hourly had no effect on the employer wanted to leave their job.

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