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Revenue Management

In an era of scarce resources, ever-changing demands, and declining reimbursement, Corridor’s Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services brings almost 30 years of best practices, scalable resources, and expertise to help you claim and receive the revenue you’ve earned.

In conjunction with Home Health Care News, Corridor recently sponsored a free webinar titled:

How to be Successful and Achieve Optimal Performance with Non-Medicare Payors

As the managed care payor market continues to grow, home health and hospice providers find it increasingly difficult to get timely and accurate reimbursement from non-Medicare providers. During this webinar, you will learn how to achieve optimal performance and collections results with techniques that streamline the revenue cycle process from time of referral, through patient care, and ultimately billing and cash collections. Corridor walks you through a comprehensive revenue cycle workflow, providing you best practices, techniques and a checklist so that you can implement these measures in your agency. You will also walk away with knowledge on how to:

  • Coordinate workflow processes between clinical and financial teams
  • Effectively identify and correct process gaps in revenue cycle workflow
  • Identify best practices for each step of revenue cycle (intake, verification, authorization, scheduling, billing, AR management, cash collections)

To listen to this free webinar, please click the button below:


Billing & Collections

Let us help you maximize your organization’s potential by increasing your financial performance. Corridor’s Billing and Collections Services help clients optimize their revenue by improving cash flow, decreasing denial rates, and increasing operational efficiencies.

Corridor’s expertise can help you with:

  • The complete billing management for all or selected payors
  • Claims submission to payment
  • Timely processing, improved collection rates and lower days in AR
  • Integrated process to improve pre-billing workflow
  • Denials Management


A/R Recovery

Did you know the majority of denials may be recoverable? Corridor experts can improve your organization’s financial performance by capturing more claims and increasing collections. If denials are piling up, if you’re having trouble with appeals, or if you’re tired of spending time calling insurance carriers, let Corridor help. Our team of dedicated revenue management consultants will help you get the payment you deserve.


Billing Process Assessment

Our team is dedicated to improving billing processes. Corridor reviews each billing office workflow and analyzes the outcome to identify weaknesses. We can provide an in-depth financial assessment or clinical pre-billing workflow to maximize your organization’s reimbursement.


Supplemental Staffing

Corridor provides supplemental staffing for billing and collection services. Our experienced professionals are available, even if you only need us for a limited amount of time due to staff vacancies, burst capacities, software conversations, or any other situation that leaves a billing position vacant.


Pre-Bill Auditing

In order to receive appropriate and timely reimbursement, all required operational steps must be completed prior to submitting claims for billing.

Corridor’s Pre-Bill Auditing will make sure that these steps are correctly and timely implemented to ensure compliance and expedite cash flow. Our trained staff will work with your organization to make sure that all payor-specific requirements are met prior to claim submission.


ADR Management

ADRs can pile-up quickly, burying your staff and leaving you at risk for a targeted medical review.

Corridor has the expertise to successfully appeal denied claims. Corridor approaches ADRs from a regulatory perspective and analyzes how they affect reimbursement.

Our experts can give you an objective record review and expert appeal assistance. Take the burden off your staff and contact Corridor.

Corridor ADR Management Infographic











CorridorAssure is a risk-free Medicare lookback review that will identify potential missed billing opportunities within an agency.

Our simple easy to use process to identify missed reimbursement opportunities is seamless and follows CMS guidelines that are used by MACS today.

Our post claim review analysis and findings are immediately accretive to your bottom line. We don’t get paid if you don’t get paid!

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